In today’s increasing complexity of financial landscape, investors have unique needs aligned with their risk appetite and financial objectives. Regardless of this, every investor seeks to maximize their returns without capital erosion through various investment tools in primary and secondary markets.

At Alankit, our research methods work in complementary relationships to have a profound understanding and managing the investments professionally in order to achieve specific investment objectives and relieving the investors from the stress of day-to-day hassles.

Alankit Research Methodology

Being an integral part of capital markets, Alankit understands the volatility of the markets and always puts emphasis on maximizing its clients’ profit taking the various risks (systematic and unsystematic) into consideration. A sound market research is conducted on a regular basis so that our equity advisors can manage our clients' portfolio efficiently.

Fundamental Research includes selection and assessment of the company, review of public and paid information/data, conversation with management, industry view, review financial assumptions with company as appropriate for company guidance, earning model, etc.

Technical Research includes evaluating future security prices and market directions based on statistical analysis of variables such as trading volume, price changes, moving averages etc., to identify patterns.

Premises for Technical Analysis

  • Market action discounts everything.
  • Prices move in trends. History repeats itself.
  • Future is the repetition of past.

The experienced & professional team of analysts after taking the whole picture into consideration; gives its recommendation on the stock and submits the report to the supervisory analysts who review the report and if satisfied, release it for our clients’ benefit. We forge stronger relationships by strengthening client’s profitability and competitive positioning via stronger financial services operating model and integrated risk.

Equip yourself with our research methodology; you would be able to work out your own. Yet, advice from our analysts would be more rewarding and risk reducing.

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